Fixing Craigslist – Oak Cliff Edition – Novemeber 2010

Most of the ads I came across were too graphic to post, but I still found a few fun ones for your enjoyment.

(Blk) Jason Bourne-type seeks a Bond Girl – 55 (Oak Cliff/Dallas)
I am a (Black) Jason Bourne-type, who is seeking a Bond-Girl, who is tired of waiting for 007 to get around to them. As you know I am on the run from my past employers, so unlike James, I cannot wine and dine you —Hey, James can freely spend Queen’s money without accountablity. I don’t drive an Aston Martin, but I can drive whatever we find handy at the time. I don’t own a tux, I only wear black tee-shirts & pants with a black overcoat.

This ad has a license to kill. I urge you to follow the link to read the whole ad and see the pics.

Hey Cinnamon Girl, wanna go white and see the light? – 32 (oak cliff)
I could be happy the rest of my life, with a cinnamon girl. single, no kids, DDF, no kids, single, and white as a flower tortilla! You see us together, chasing the moonlight, My cinnamon girl.

“Wanna go white and see the light?” Not really. I’d rather go blind and choke on a ham sandwich. That statement should be taken out back and shot. Along with “white as a flower tortilla”.

U should get to Know Me – w4m – 26 (Oak Cliff)
I am a 26 blk female that is lacking attention at home and lookin for a NSA! If you wanna know more send a message and we can go from there! Please no one over the age of 35, also have pics up for trade!

Oh, I get it: You’re married and bored. Just so you’ll know—and the illegitimate children of your future ex-husband will someday know—looking for someone to “get to know you” on Craigslist is like hooking up with someone for pillow talk.

any stoners anarchists punx metalheads conspiracy theorists militants – m4mw – 22 (dallas oak cliff)
or anything along those lines wanna hang out tonight or tomorrow? im bored as shit and new here in dallas kind of. looking for people with the same interests. i got the green and ride, i just need someone or some people to hang with. i was the one guy at school with the 12 inch hawk that rode a skate board to school in doc martens. im alot more mellow and contributing to society. im a waiter lol. i dont care what age race or gender you are. my current best friend is gay so fuck you and im not gay by the way. text me or email.

Rebel without a cause seeks emotionally unstable or psychotic anti-social type. Pigtails and weed a plus.

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One Response to Fixing Craigslist – Oak Cliff Edition – Novemeber 2010

  1. That’s some pretty fresh ads – wonder how many responses the black Bond got?

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